From the Turkish Daily News comes another touristy spot with a Classical legend attached:

Visitors are rushing to the Zeus cave at the entrance of Dilek peninsula National Park. Located in Aydin's Güzelçamlı district, the cave is visited by hundreds of people every day.

Many local and international tourists wait with excitement to be able to swim in the cool waters of the cave. The lake inside the cave tastes of carbonated mineral water due to the drinkable spring water coming from the mountains and the salty seawater. Cool during the summer and hot in the winter, the cave attracts the attention of both local teenagers and tourists.

Indicating that the cave was the last stop for jeep safari tours organized around the national park, the mayor of Güzelçamlı explained the story of Zeus cave,"According to legend, when Zeus provoked and annoyed his brother Poseidon, he used to hide in this cave to rest. While Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, made the seas rise, Zeus hid from his bad temper and wrath in the calm waters of this cave. Today, when the sea is not very convenient to swim in due to the waves, the people come here to swim and recall the legend."