We're always getting little hints connecting the illicit antiquities trade to terrorism ... mostly in Iraq; now, however, we get a hint that it goes beyond the Near East ... from IPNA:

IFPI announced in a press release that the Italian anti-piracy police has cracked an illicit distribution network operating in Catania, Sicily in raids that uncovered a significant seizure of arms and bombs.

Officers from the First GdF Operational Unit of Catania were involved in a series of seizures this week. During the search of one home the police discovered eight guns, five rifles, ammunition for rifles and machine guns, two kilograms of TNT and bomb making equipment.

More than 2,000 CDs and DVDs were seized during the raids as well as several stolen archaeological treasures, such as ancient Roman and Greek pottery.

Police arrested two men and are now investigating the connection between them and members of criminal organizations closely linked to notorious mafia families.

IFPI represents the recording industry worldwide with some 1400 members in 75 countries and affiliated industry associations in 49 countries.