A number of items from the Italian press hit my mailbox during my 'time of troubles' ... it seems best to put them all together in summaryish form.

Spoleto News has a review of La Biga Rapita which, even if you are Italianless, is about that Met Chariot and the mysterious circumstances of its discovery.

Romagna Oggi tells of plans being bruited about to excavate the so-called Palazzo Teodorico ... it sounds like they're very early on in thinking about this.

Alghero Notizie mentions the excavation of a Roman-era necropolis (1st century A.D.) with burials of various styles. The discovery is adding weight to the suggestion that the area is the site of the ancient city of Carbia.

Last, but not least, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (one of the fullest mastheads in Italy) marks the anniversary of the battle of Cannae with some interesting links ...