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S64. Lothar Haselberger, URBEM ADORNARE. Die Stadt Rom und ihre Gestaltumwandlung unter Augustus/ Rome’s Urban Metamorphosis under Augustus (cloth, 288 pages), a major new study of Augustus’s work in Rome. The book has the German and English texts on facing pages throughout (the footnotes are not translated).
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S65. Mary Harlow and Ray Laurence (edd.), AGE AND AGEING IN THE ROMAN EMPIRE (cloth, 220 pages). Contributors: A. Asa Eger, K. Cokayne, R. Gowland, M. Harlow, V. Hope, J. Huskinson, C. Laes, R. Laurence, D. Noy, R. Redfern & H. Sigismund-Nielsen
List price $84.50. Price to individuals $64.50/£33.00 (plus postage).

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