The steady stream of news continues ... from the Sofia News Agency:

The archaeologist team of Bulgaria's Georgi Kitov has unearthed on Tuesday a Thracians king's sepulchre near the Kaloyanovo village, Darik News reported.

The archaeologists have found only the lower part the body of the buried person, the chest, the hands and the head were missing, which shows he had been a follower of Orpheus.

The scientists found another interesting artefact in the burial - a pottery vessel in the shape of a horse head, whose make is very precise. On the forehead of the horse there is a double-axe (labris) - a symbol of power in the Thracian society.

On Wednesday, another team of archaeologists announced they have stumbled upon an ancient Thracian sanctuary just above the Momchilova Fortress on the hills of Smolyan town.

"We suspected there is a sanctuary in the rocks above the fortress even before we started the excavations in the area," archaeologist Nikolay Boyadzhiev.

The team has also found lots of pottery around the sanctuary, all dated back to the 1st century BC.