From the Sofia Echo:

Police detained four men for illegal acquisition, possession of and trade in antiques.

Authorities from Varna, Yambol and Stara Zagora seized neatly 10 000 artefacts, including coins, ancient objects, friezes, vessels, ornaments, jewellery and other priceless objects.

On June 1 2007, police detained a group of eight and seized ceramic and other objects, Roman jewellery and more than 1000 coins, some of them extremely precious.

Police held four of the group in 72-hour detention.

Officers arrested one of the suspects on July 17 in Varna, while he was trying to sell a Byzantine ring, 35 antique coins, a bronze figurine and other valuables.

Police raided several apartments, two antique shops and a vehicle and found 228 Byzantine, Roman, and Bulgarian coins, as well as hunting rifle. During the raid one more person was taken into police custody.

The two suspects currently in detention own an antique shop in Varna.