Golden mask and silver rhyton for wine were found today by Bulgarian archaeologis led by prof. Georgi Kitov.

The findings are made at the Thracian mound close to the Sliven village of Topolchene, announced BNR. The findings are from a rich Thracian grave from IV century BC.

It is supposed that the golden mask is of a Thracian king. For 150 years of archaeology in Bulgaria, this is the second time such a mask to be found in the country, informed Mr. Kitov.

The mask is lighter and less carefully made that the one of Theres, found near Kazanluk. The archaeologists are yet to clear details about it.

The rhyton represents a head of an animal, probably deer, and is around 30 cm high. Silver rython, silver cup and bronze vessels have also been found.

The tomb is paneled with wood, there are remains of human skeleton, one bronze vessel and three preserved big earthen amphora. There is a stamp on their handle and after they are cleared it could be determined where they were made.

Here's a photo ... not sure how long it will last or if it is actually the object in question: