Back in December, we alerted y'all to the threat to the Classics Department at Lund University. Yesterday, Ivo Volt posted this to the Classics list:

Some of you may recall a thread about classical studies in Lund being
threatened. In January, Owen Cramer posted the (standard) response of Jan
Svensson, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Theology, to a protest
letter, in which the Dean wrote, among other things: "The Latin and Greek
professors will continue to be employed paid by resarch funding, not
undergraduate money. The professors will be available for the rest of the
university in case special courses are wanted /.../"

A colleague, Staffan Wahlgren, former professor at Lund, now writes that
the rectorate has forced him to resign his professorship at Lund

He also notes that the letter of Dean Svensson would seem to suggest that
the professors of classics in Lund would not be in danger of losing their
positions. However, Jan Svensson has now told them that this is not the
way his letter should be interpreted - it rather meant, he maintains, that
only some professors would retain their positions.

I quote the letter of Prof. Wahlgren:
"If anyone feels deceived by this and would care to write once more to
dean Svensson or, as a general protest against the decline of classics at
Lund, to rector magnificus, Göran Bexell, the support demonstrated by
this would be much appreciated."

Emails in protest may be sent to:

jan.svensson AT
goran.bexell AT

Staffan Wahlgren can now be reached at staffan.wahlgren AT