1.00 p.m. |DISCC| The Battle for Rome: Caesar
In winning the Battle of Alesia, the brilliant military tactician
and politician Gaius Julius Caesar subdued the last of Republic's
invaders; he took control of the government and spawned a civil war.

2.00 p.m. |DISCC| The Battle for Rome: Nero
The burning of Rome signaled the onset of Emperor Nero Claudius
Caesar's descent into madness; as plans to build a much grander
capital city threatened the Empire with bankruptcy, Nero resorted to
increasingly murderous ways to raise money.

3.00 p.m. |DISCC| The Battle for Rome: The Fall
Tired of wandering, homeless across the Empire, Aleric I wants more
than the city, he's after a province for his people; he's determined
to negotiate with Rome's emperor Honorius to get it.

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