From Novinite:

The excavations of Bulgaria's best-known archaeologist Georgi Kitov near Sliven have yielded yet more artifacts, this time from the Roman era, state radio BNR reported on Saturday.

The latest finds include two pairs of gold earrings, five rings, a ritual coin and a semi-precious stone, all found in a tomb dating to the first century AD, at the earliest.

All the items were found in the second of the 14 tombs Kitov plans to excavate this summer near the villages of Topolchane and Kaloyanovo in the Sliven region, southeastern Bulgaria.

The finds will be handed over to Sliven's history museum.

The area is known as the "Thracian Kings Valley", which Kitov believes to be larger than it was initially thought.

Kitov, who is dubbed the "Bulgarian Indiana Jones", has also invited the Discovery Channel to shoot a documentary of the three-month excavations.