From the Scotsman:

YOUNGSTERS from the Capital were today set to take part in a special Olympic Games-style contest in Sussex.

Pupils from the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School, in Merchiston, travelled more than 500 miles to compete in the event.

The Steiner Olympics brings together all 29 Steiner Schools in the UK and feature the original disciplines from the ancient Greek games.

The opening ceremony began with a torch-lit procession, performed by 300 pupils in traditional Greek Togas.

The aim of the Steiner Olympics is to teach the pupils about Greek sporting traditions which are believed to date from 776 BC.

Philip Shinton, a class teacher from the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School, said: "The school's version of the Greek Olympics offers the children the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Greek history and mythology, and the historic event which continues to be a huge worldwide phenomenon today.

"Since the Olympics continue to be a very big part of modern day life, it is important that our pupils understand where it all began.

"At the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School and other Steiner Schools across the UK, we strive to engage and nourish each child's innate curiosity and love of learning."

The three day competition ends today.

... Greek togas, eh?