From U-Entertainment comes some gossip:

Uh oh. Kevin Sorbo reports to New Orleans next month to begin filming a big-screen spoof of "The 300," this year's highly stylized hit rendering of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which lots of men in togas fought to the death for glory. Among the legions of fans for the Gerard Butler picture is a sizeable gay audience.

"This is incredibly gay, this movie. It's a stretch for me," says Sorbo of the new comedy. There'll even be a guy-guy kiss involved. "The director said, 'Is this a dealbreaker?' I said, 'It could be. No tongue, or I'll kill the guy.' "

Referring to the takeoff, which is going under the title of "Hunting and Fishing," the one-time "Hercules" star adds, "It's by the guys who did the 'Scary Movies.' " That is, writer-director-producers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who've collaborated on the "Scary" pics with the Wayans brothers and others.

Kevin lets us know he plays the captain of the Spartan army in the new movie, which also stars Carmen Electra.

Asked if he's still in good enough shape for a part like that, Sorbo says, "I hope. I'm not a six pack. I'm more of a four pack these days. I don't lift heavy like I used to. I'm not benching 360 anymore."

Sorbo has his first Western coming to the small screen — Hallmark's July 7 "Avenging Angel." The actor, who plays a pastor-turned-bounty hunter, considers it "like 'Pale Rider' meets 'Death Wish.' It was a hoot working on it — a great cast, stunt guys, horse guys, and it was just fun. With my physicality, I'm kind of surprised I didn't get a Western before now," adds Kevin. There's a chance his The Preacher will be the central character in more films for Hallmark, and Sorbo is game.