We're always hearing how 'this aqueduct built by the Romans is still in use', so it's kind of nice to hear something a bit different:

A COLLAPSED Roman sewer may have caused subsidence that has seen part of a city centre road cordoned off.

A engineer from Cheshire Highways noticed an area of Lower Bridge Street had sunk on Thursday last week, and barriers were put up to prevent traffic driving over it.

Excavation work showed part of the Roman sewer had collapsed, causing the ground movement.

Engineer Chris Garner said the sewer is still in use by businesses nearby.

He added: 'The Highways Department has no responsibility for drain and sewers, just the road surface.

'Initially we thought it was a private sewer which would mean the building owner would be responsible for work.

'But it now seems there are a number of businesses involved so Welsh Water might be responsible for it as an adopted drain.

'We are monitoring their discussions about this, we want the situation to be resolved efficiently and quickly.'

Mr Garner said the road will not have to close when work is carried out on the sewer.