Author Caroline Lawrence dropped me a line which might be of interest to the wider rc community:

You might be interested to know that the Roman Mysteries TV series is due to
'reboot' in the UK, on BBC1 on Tuesdays at 4.30pm from 19 June, starting
from the first episode, The Secrets of Vesuvius, and running for nine more
half-hour episodes, ten in all.

(You may or may not know it was suspended for a few weeks due to sensitivity
about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.)

Some interesting facts about the series:

- cost £1 million per episode
- the most expensive British children's TV series to date
- was filmed on location in Tunisia and Malta
- stars Simon Callow, Nicholas Farrell and Liz May Brice, to name a few
- has stunning sets, costumes and soundtrack
- is linked to a great BBC website with clips and interactive games based on
the series

You can read a review from the Sydney Morning Herald here:

(reprinted with permission)

Hopefully we'll get to see this series on this side of the pond; haven't even seen any torrents for this one ...