From Javno:

Another 100 amphoras, dating from the 1st century BC, were found at an archaeological site today of a luxury Roman patrician villa and the first city spa, situated in the centre of Pula, in Kandlerova Street, head of the excavational works, archaeologist Alka Starac.

The archaeological site is at a housing-business object and an underground garage construction site, which will be built by Zagreb-based PZ ulaganja company in the centre of Pula.

-After we determined a month ago that 1,040 amphoras were found at the site, we did not expect to find more amphoras with further excavation, therefore this finding today surprised us- said archaeologist Starac.

A total of 2,040 amphoras were found at this archaeological site, which undoubtedly confirmed that this is the world`s largest systematically explored amphora site, which were use for special purposes, as a construction element of the Roman Pola colony, pointed out archaeologist Alka Starac.

She announced the continuation of excavations at this valuable archaeological site.