There are still a few places left on the International Summer School organised by the Institute of Classical Studies on 18-22 June. If you are interested please contact Dr Anastasia Bakogianni Anastasia.Bakogianni AT

Reception Studies Summer School

Institute of Classical Studies

18–22 June 2007

The reception of antiquity is a flourishing area of research in the field of Classics. This Summer School — the first of its kind — will explore the reception of the Classics in a variety of genres: reception theory, reception in antiquity, the reception of the Classics in later literature, in theatre, art, opera, and popular culture. The course is designed to give participants an overview of some of the many paths in which reception can take them and to supply them with the research tools they will need to conduct their own research. We will discuss methodological approaches, theory and its application in the field. We also welcome students who are more advanced in their research, but who would like to learn more about methodology, reception theory and to sample some different areas of interest within the wide field of reception.

Research questions to be addressed include:

* choosing an area of interest in the field and how to go about researching it
* how to apply reception theory to your material.

Teaching will be in the form of workshops and participants will be able to work with examples in a variety of media. This will allow them to consider different methodological approaches to the material and to discuss how to use it in their own work. Participants are welcome to bring up concerns / problems they have encountered in their own work so far. The Summer School will include a gallery visit and there will also be an opportunity to attend a performance of an opera with a Classical theme.


Dr Anastasia Bakogianni

Research fellow at the Institute of Classical Studies, specialising in the reception of Electra in theatre, opera, art, poetry and film.

Dr Antony Makrinos

Post-doctoral fellow at University College London, specialising in the reception of Homer.

Dr James Moore

Lecturer based at the Institute of Historical Research, specialising in the history of the eighteenth century.

There will also be a special lecture by one of the leading scholars in the field, Professor Lorna Hardwick (Open University), whose publications include the seminal work on Reception theory and practice: Reception Studies in Greece and Rome. New Surveys in the Classics 33 (Oxford University Press: Oxford 2003)

The course fee of £80 will include all materials, but excludes the optional visit to the opera. For further details and application forms, please contact:

Dr Anastasia Bakogianni

Institute of Classical Studies

Senate House

Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Anastasia.Bakogianni AT