8.00 p.m. |HINT| The Naked Archaeologist:The Oldest Leper
Ancients suffered from hundreds of ailments, some of which still
plague us today. Leprosy is mentioned in the Bible frequently, and
now archaeology has uncovered what may be the bones of the oldest
leper. Scientists studying those bones can now tell us more about the
disease than we may ever want to know.

10.00 p.m. |DCIVC| Real Family Of Jesus: Part 2, The
The traditional image of the Holy Family includes Jesus, Mary and
Joseph, but Jesus lived in a society in which the extended family was
the norm; find out how Jesus' network of relations inspired and
supported his work as founder of Christianity.

10.00 p.m. |HINT| Life And Death In Rome: Chaos
In the 3rd Century AD, the Roman Empire faced its greatest threat--
as the world's superpower. A combination of plague, bloody civil war,
and imperial debauchery tore the Empire apart and brought it to its
knees. This is the story of how the crisis came about, and it is the
tragic tale of the unknown Emperor who pulled Rome back from the
brink of disaster.

HINT - History International
DCIVC - Discovery Civilization (Canada)