Dear all,

We now have a programme for the Digital Classicist Work-in-Progress
seminars which will be held at the Institute of Classical Studies in
London between June and August this Summer. All seminars are in room
NG16 at 16:30 on Friday. The seminar will be followed by refreshments,
and then all are welcome to join us in entertaining the speaker at a
local venue after.

Friday Jun 1 16:30 Richard Beecham (KCL), Using computer modelling to
investigate relationships between Roman Wall Painting and Roman Theatre

Friday Jun 8 16:30 Neel Smith (Holy Cross, MA), Digital infrastructure
and the Homer Multitext

Friday Jun 15 16:30 Boris Rankov (RHUL), 3D-Simulation of Ancient
Naval Warfare

Friday Jun 22 16:30 Timothy Hill (Cambridge), Wiser than the
Undeceived? Past Worlds as Virtual Worlds in the Electronic Media

Friday Jun 29 16:30 Michael Fulford (Reading), Silchester Roman Town:
developing virtual research practice

Friday Jul 6 16:30 Brian Fuchs (Imperial College), Title TBA

Friday Jul 13 16:30 Dunstan Lowe (Reading), Intangible Cities:
'Authentic' Romes in Recreational Software

Friday Jul 20 16:30 Eleanor OKell (Durham), Cary MacMahon (Glasgow),
and Dejan Ljubojevic (London Metropolitan), Creating a Generative
Learning Object (GLO) for Classics: working in an 'ill-structured'
environment (and getting students to think!)

Friday Jul 27 16:30 Janice Siegel (Hampden-Sydney, VA), The New AV
Classics Database: a community-annotated resource

Friday Aug 3 16:30 Melissa Terras (UCL), Can computers ever read
Ancient Texts?

Friday Aug 10 16:30 Stuart Dunn (KCL), Space as an artefact:
understanding past perceptions and uses of space with and without computers

Friday Aug 17 16:30 Charles Crowther (Oxford), A Virtual Research
Environment for Documents and manuscripts

Updates available at the programme website: