8.00 p.m. |HISTU| Catacombs of Death
Beneath the hustle and bustle of Paris streets are a world of
snaking quarries, hidden catacombs, and mushroom-harvesting tunnels.
Even Paris' 10.5 million residents have no idea they live on top of
nearly 20 centuries of history carved into the limestone foundation
below. From its Gallic beginnings to the Roman foundations of
Lutetia, today's Paris may be one of the world's most sophisticated
cities above the ground--but below ground it's a different story.
Join host Eric Geller as he reveals the secrets beneath Paris and the
Notre Dame church and what they reveal about a 2,000 year old
civilization that rests underneath it.

11.30 p.m. |HINT|Roman Murder Mystery
During an excavation of Flixton quarry in Suffolk, England,
archaeologists unearthed something unexpected--a shallow grave with
four human skeletons lying haphazardly at the bottom. We join
archaeologist Martin Brown as he tries to uncover who these people
were, when they lived and why they seem to have suffered untimely