From Middle East Times:

Greek archaeologists have made a rare discovery of textile remains from over 2,600 years ago in a bronze funeral urn unearthed in the Peloponnese region, the culture ministry said Wednesday.

Also containing pomegranate fruits, ash and a few bones, the urn was found in a lot under construction in the city of Argos, 145 kilometers (90 miles) west of Athens.

"Preserved organic matter from ancient times is exceptionally rare," the ministry said in a statement, adding that the "extremely important" find is among the earliest ever found in the antiquities-rich area.

The urn has been preliminarily dated to between the Late Geometric and the Early Archaic era in the early 7th century BC.

Its fragile contents are being kept in the local museum.

Argos was a regional power in the age of ancient Greek city-states, and was a traditional rival of neighboring Sparta.