“Young Theatre Voices”

6th Theatre Summer Camp

“Ancient Myths & Contemporary Life”
25-31 August 2007

Spetses Island, Greece

From 25 to 31 of August 2007, Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network is organizing its 6th annual Theatre Summer Camp. The Camp includes several Theatre Workshops and film showings for teachers, artists and students.

“Young Theatre Voices: Ancient Myths & Contemporary Life” is one of the workshops particularly designed for young people 17-20 years old.

An international group of twenty (20) young people (17-20 years old) will live and work on Spetses Island in Greece for 7 days, to create a collective theatrical piece (work-in-progress) based on ancient myths, particularly those depicted in Greek tragedies, and their relevance to contemporary life. The workshop lasts approx. six hours per day and there will be time for film screenings, for leisure, swimming, rest and entertainment. On the last evening groups will present and share parts of their work and join the farewell party.

Working language will be English.


a) Participants must be 17-20 years and speak English.

b) Priority will be given to applicants who are members of a school, amateur or youth theatre group.

c) The Application must be accompanied by i) a Recommendation Letter by a school teacher or facilitator, who will certify applicant’s participation in a school or other theatre group and his/her command of English language and ii) a Parent/Guardian Letter of Consent. Forms in www.TheatroEdu.gr> What’s new

There is a possibility of “Accompanying Adults”.

Full “Terms & Conditions” and Application procedure www.TheatroEdu.gr> English language> What’s new.

Application Deadline: 20 of May 2007

ORGANIZATION: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

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