2008 APA- Chicago

Directed by Laura and Mike Lippman

This year we will continue the tradition of CAMP sponsored productions with a staged reading of the rarely-performed Cyclops, the sole complete example of a satyr play that survived from antiquity. We hope to experiment with this unusual genre in an original way to show off the various talents of the classics community that extend (pun, we are embarrassed to say, intended) beyond the academic into other realms. Additionally, the play will be a much-needed comic break from the solemnity and the high-pressure atmosphere that is a common experience of the APA. In other words, we hope to place the satyr play in a modern context parallel to where it was in antiquity. Ideally, catharsis will be experienced by all.

PARTS FOR ACTORS: (all parts are open to both men and women)




An indeterminate number of satyrs, sailors, sheep and slaves.


In addition to actors, we invite volunteers whose abilities can shine forth in other respects. Choreographers and other didaskaloi with movement experience would be ideal to help work with the chorus.

Costumes for the sailors, sheep, satyrs and most especially the cyclops can take all sorts of manifestations and there are many opportunities for a great deal of creativity. Mask and phallus-makers would be welcome. Experience is not required, originality is.

We also invite singers who do not necessarily want to act and musicians of any type. Our vision includes music that may sound appropriate to the time period, but also modern pieces, both pop and otherwise. As with costumes, there will be a lot of room for variety.

If you are interested:

1) please contact either of the Lippmans at laura.lippman AT or mlippma AT by August 1, 2007.

2) indicate the part of production in which you would like to participate and your talents/experience in that area as well as your contact information for the summer and for the academic year. The more specific your description of yourself, the better. We will follow up and request further information, if necessary, later this summer.

3) students and faculty are all welcome and encouraged to get involved.

4) please be sure that you will be able to commit to arriving at the APA by the afternoon of January 3, 2007 in order to give us ample time to rehearse.