ante diem vi nonas maias

ludi Florae (possible day 7) -- a festival originally ordered in response to an interpretation of the Sybilline books in 238 B.C., it fell into desuetude only to be revived in 173 B.C.; it was a general festival of drinking and other merriment in honour of Flora, who presided over (of course) flowers and their blossoms

c. 62 A.D. -- martyrdom of James the Lesser in Jerusalem

c. 80 A.D. -- martyrdom of Philip the Apostle in Heirapolis, Phrygia

115 or 116 A.D. -- martyrdom of Pope Alexander I in Rome

c. 286 -- martyrdom of Maura at Thebias (Thebais?)

326 -- traditional date for Helena finding the 'True Cross' in Jerusalem ...