Folks might be interested in this account of Tori Amos' latest/impending release:

American singer/songwriter Tori Amos is set to crash back onto the music scene with her ninth studio album - "American Doll Posse."

This time Amos has taken a unique approach to her music and has emerged with five alter ego's - all of whom contribute to the album with their own distinct voices.

The quintet creates a compelling portrait of the role women play in today's society, expressed on the album both musically and thematically. The five alter ego's are representations of Tori, incarnating a number of the heroines and goddesses of Greek mythology.

Tori Amos said, "Once music started to dictate to me what the women were going to be I had to go and do the internal work and build their psyches, so I went to the Greek Pantheon because I thought people were more familiar with it, and then started to develop their stories,"

Through her research, Amos looked back to a time when the idea of females in all their different facets, were considered divine. Buried deep in ancient Greek history - she discovered what would become the foundations for her new group of confidants.

Amos wanted to illustrate to other women that there are many unexplored aspects of the feminine personality.

"Women are relating to this project because all of us, we're complex creatures and I think we're being unfair when we say well we have to be a part of the intellectual set, or we're part of the rebel-rousing set, and then we paint ourselves into these corners instead of stepping out of one painting into another and thinking of ourselves as an exhibition not just a painting," said Amos.

The "girls" are currently rehearsing together for their world tour starting in Rome, Italy on May 28th. Let's hope "musical differences" don't force any splits.

"American Dolls Posse" is released on April 30 through Columbia records.