A piece which seems to be missing something in translation ... from Javna:

Tessellation of Roman bricks, Roman jewelry and one, previously robbed grave with mortal remains of a Gepid tribe member were found these days during excavations for the construction of a sports hall in Vinkovci. Gepids are a West Germanic tribe which inhabited eastern Slavonia in the period between Roman rule and arrival of the Slavs.

According to archeologist of the Vinkovci City Museum, Anita Rapan Papesa, the tessellation of Roman bricks is most likely a part of a road which, as it is presumed, led to the nearby administration building of the former Vinkovci PIK, at the spot where, in the time of Roman Cibala, a granary and a temple were present.

When excavations were conducted in the 70`s for the construction of PIK building, 16 Gepid graves were found, which the grave revealed at the sports hall construction site of Josip Kozarac and Ivan Goran Kovacic primary schools probably belongs to, stated Anita Rapan Papesa, adding that a fibula was found in the excavations, a Roman ornamental clip.

-The retrieved fibula belongs to the type that was made in Roman Siscia, today`s Sisak- she explained, pointing out that this is also the first fibula finding of such a type in Vinkovic in the area where a significant settlement Colonia Aurelia Cibalae was situated during the Roman Empire, where two Roman emperors were born, co-emperors Valentinian (321-375) and Valens (328-378).

Rapan Papesa expects to find more Roman culture remains at this location.