From di-ve (I have not changed the typos):

Five divers pleaded guilty to charges of stealing ancient objects from the sea.

The court heard how artefacts tracing back to 600BC were retrieved from a WWI ship wrecked off St.Thomas Bay.

Almost 500 artefacts belonging to Roman times worth around Lm70,000 were stolen from the hull of the French vessel Le Polynesianne, popularly known as the Little Titanic. The obejcts included ancient pottery and anchors of Roman vessels.

The police investigations, led by Inspector Michael Mallia, led to the arrest of five persons and the seizure of the objects found in their residence.

Handing down the judgment, Magistrate Saviour Demicoli took in consideration the fact that all the men cooperated with the police and were all given a suspended sentence.

Somewhere in the deep bowels of my brain I recall a ship sinking with a number of important archaeological artifacts ... I wonder if this is it ...