A Conference at the University of Manchester
Council Chambers, Manchester, 21-22 June, 2007.

Details, including booking form, are available on the conference website:

Conference Programme:

Thursday 21st June

0900-1000: Registration and Coffee; Welcome and Introduction

1000-1045: Peter Liddel (Manchester): ' Metabole Politeion as Universal
1045-1130: Allegra De Laurentiis (Stony Brook, New York): ' Universal
Historiography and World History according to G. W. F. Hegel'

1130-1200: Coffee

1200-1245: Errietta Bissa (UCL): ' Diodorus' Good Statesman and State Revenue'
1245-1330: Brian Sheridan (NUI Maynooth): ' Polybius, Diodorus and the first
Universal History'

1330-1430: Lunch

1430-1515: Marta GarcĂ­a Morcillo (Dresden): ' Rome, Italy and the World:
Universal Projections and History in Strabo' s Geography'
1515-1600: Johannes Engels (Cologne): ' Strabo of Amasia and his importance in
the development of ancient Greek universal historiography'

1600-1630 : Tea

1630-1715: Liv Yarrow (Brooklyn, CUNY): ' Contextualizing the Genre:
Universality in Roman Republican Iconography and Rhetoric'

1800: Drinks
1915: Dinner at a local restaurant

Friday 22nd June

1000-1045: Jackie Elliott (Colorado): ' Ennius as Universal Historian: the case
of the Annales'
1045-1130: Clemence Schultze (Durham), ' Universal and Particular in Velleius

1130-12.00: Coffee

1200-1245: Marco Di Branco (Milan): ' Universal Historiography in the classical
Arabic Tradition'
1245-1330: Peter Van Nuffelen (Exeter): ' Historiographical tradition as
universal history in Late Antiquity'

1330-1430: Lunch

1430-1530: Tim Cornell (Manchester): 'Universal History and the History of Rome'

1530-1600: Tea

1600-1645: Andy Fear (Manchester): ' The Book of Daniel'
1645-1730: Closing remarks and discussion

1800: Drinks
1915: Dinner at a local restaurant