7.00 p.m. |DCIVC| The Real Family of Jesus: Part 1

6.00 p.m. |HISTU| The Odyssey of Troy
What is it about the legendary city that more than 3,000 years after
its fall, we still try to unravel Troy's mysteries? Scholars attempt
to answer the question by researching the Greek poet Homer, possibly
one of the greatest poets in Western Europe's history, and his epic
tale of love and war, and comparing his text to archaeological

8.00 p.m. |NG| Jesus: The Man
Who was Jesus and how did a boy from rural Galilee grow up to become
one of the world's greatest spiritual leaders? Did he grow up in a
traditional Jewish family? Did he have brothers and sisters? How did
he dress? There are few details about his youth inthe Bible. But
newly discovered archeological evidence will shed light on both the
social influences that shaped Jesus' young life, and his encounter
with John the Baptist, the man many scholars believe was the mentor
of Jesus.

8.00 p.m. |DCIVC| The Real Family of Jesus: Part 2

10.00 p.m. |NG| The Real Mary Magdalene
Who was Mary? Was she a saint or sinner? For fifteen hundred years
Christians regarded the woman who had been so close to Jesus as a
reformed prostitute. Now, evidence suggests that this may have been
part of a devious smear campaign by the early churchto remove women
from the clergy. Join NGC as we examine ancient text, explores long-
lost customs and cuts through centuries of political spin to reveal
the real Mary Magdalene.

DCIVC= Discovery Civilization
HISTU = History Channel (US)
NG = National Geographic