Seen on the Latinteach list:

There will be a Latin position opening up at my high
school in Chicago for the 2008-2009 school year. This
is only just on the horizon but my administration is
indeed looking that far ahead.

Lane Tech. College Prep. High School is a large, 4000+
student, selective (students must take and pass an
entrance exam) school on the northwest side of
Chicago. The school has a VERY diverse, urban student
population. The faculty are a very lively, very
professional bunch (especially in the Foreign Language
Dept.). I, and some of my colleagues, like to think
that Lane Tech has the potential to be a sort of MIT
of high schools: excellent technical classes yet
liberal arts offerings as well.

The administration is VERY, VERY, VERY supportive of
teachers as individuals and the Latin program as a
whole. Although the administration were the ones who
wanted Latin back, I feel I've already built a
decently strong and loyal following among students,
parents, and fellow teachers.

We use 'ecce Romani' and, even by the time you get
there, the program will still be evolving (e.g. the
2008-2009 school year will be the first year in which
we offer Latin III). So you will most definitely have
a hand in developing the Latin program.

For the 2008-2009 school year the Latin position would
only be part-time. The administration, however, is
very flexible and you could (1) work only part-time,
teaching only two or three classes (like I am this
year); (2) be certified in Latin and another language
for a full-time position; (3) be certified in Latin
and another, non-language, subject for a full-time

The only "catch" to working in CPS (Chicago Public
Schools) is that you now have to live within the
borders of the city proper in order to be employed.

Until the position is officially opened and the school
is officially hiring, I will be more than happy to
field any inquiries (jwchochola AT