7.00 p.m. |HINT| Decisive Battles: Marathon
Marathon, Greece, September 490 BC. King Darius leads his Persian
army in an attack on Greece. When the Persian fleet, carrying massive
infantry and cavalry, arrived on Greek soil at Marathon Bay, the
Greeks were outnumbered 4:1. But in an heroic effort, the Athenian
hoplite warriors were victorious in a fight against both greater
numbers and time. Yet while they fought on land, Persian ships were
sailing round to sack the undefended city. Athens had to be warned--
thus Phidippides' 26-mile run.

7.30 p.m. |HINT| Battle of Alesia
In a bold move for political power, Julius Caesar invades Gaul.
Using a strategy of divide and conquer, Caesar's army marches through
Gaul and seems unstoppable. But then, a young Gallic warrior named
Vercingetorix rallies the Gauls together to drive Caesar out of their
land for good. Armed inside the Gallic fortress at Alesia, with
thousands of warriors, it seems that Vercingetorix has the advantage
when Roman and Gallic forces face off. But Caesar will not give up.
He orders his troops to surround the fortress with a massive barrier.
When the armies finally clash, it's a showdown that will determine
the fate of Gaul.

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