From Today's Zaman:

A statue of Mars, the god of war, discovered in the ancient city of Zeugma and now kept at the Gaziantep Archeological Museum, has suffered damage to the shoulder and hands.

Gaziantep Museum Deputy Director and archeologist Dr. Mehmet Onal said any metal could suffer from oxidation over time but that it does not necessarily mean the damage is permanent. Onal added that restoration experts have been assigned to develop a permanent solution. A detailed report and the necessary measures would be undertaken very soon, he said. Onal explained that the Mars statue would be kept under glass and that they will use climate control to regulate the conditions inside. “We will keep it under better conditions. We will expand our report with more details in the coming weeks. The Mars statue will be preserved for thousands of years. That’s why we will find a permanent solution for it. Our restoration team is taking the necessary action,” asserted Onal.

The statue of Mars is made of bronze and the figure’s torso is in an “S” shape. Mars, bending his right elbow, looks like he is holding a pike and in his left hand he holds a curled flower. This only statue of Mars symbolizing both war and abundance and is thought to date from the second century B.C.

When first discovered, the statue of Mars was not standing, its left arm was broken, the torso was burnt and damaged and the hand was in pieces. The statue was restored in 2001 by an Italian team led by Dr. Roberto Nardi and after one year of work, it was ready for display in a special exhibit room at the Gaziantep Archeological Museum.

A photo accompanies the original article ... it's an interesting statue ...