From France24:

The archaeological museum of the Greek Ionian Sea island of Cephalonia was closed on Monday after a weekend of seismic activity damaged the building and smashed items, the culture ministry said.

An undersea tremor measuring 5.9 points on the open-ended Richter scale on Sunday toppled a number of exhibits at Argostoli Museum, smashing three of them, the ministry said without offering further details.

The museum building itself sustained minor damage, with cracks appearing in its walls.

The ministry said the museum, which displays antiquities from Prehistoric to Roman times and includes a valuable Mycenaean collection, will remain closed until the seismic activity is over.

A number of aftershocks up to 5.1 points Richter were recorded on Monday.

There were reports on Sunday of minor damage to homes and limited rock slides on roads, but no injuries.

Government engineers have been dispatched to Cephalonia to inspect schools and other public buildings in addition to the island's roads, many of which are built along steep cliffs.

The Argostoli Museum was entirely destroyed in a 1953 earthquake that devastated the island.

Greece is the most seismically active country in Europe, accounting for half the number of earthquakes recorded on the continent.