XVIIth International Congress of Classical Archaeology
Meetings between Cultures in the Ancient Mediterranean

The 17th meeting of the quinquennial conference of the Associazione
Internazionale di Archeologia Classica will be held in Rome in September
2008 on the theme of 'Meetings between Cultures in the Ancient Mediterranean'.
This represents the 50th anniversary of the first conference organised
by AIAC in Rome in 1958.

The conference will be organized strictly around a single theme, but a
broad one, of the meetings and interactions of cultures across the
Mediterranean world in antiquity. The conference will seek to approach
this theme from the widest possible range of angles, embracing all
archaeological disciplines, from landscape archaeology to urbanism to
art history to study of ceramics and material culture; and covering all
areas of the Mediterranean, extending to the areas under the control of
or in closest contact with Mediterranean powers (including all provinces
of the Roman Empire). The official Languages of the Congress will be
English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Proposals are invited for sessions, consisting of up to 6 short papers
on closely related themes. Each sessions will last 2 hours, including
10-15 minute presentations of each paper, and a 15 minute discussion by
a nominated discussant. Proposals for sessions should include the name
of an organiser who will take responsibility for contacting other
session members, a theme, an abstract of no more than 200 words
describing the theme and its relevance to the theme of the congress, and
names and paper titles of at least two and not more than six speakers.
The AIAC Organising Committee in Rome may add further speakers to a
session where the number is below six.

Each session will have a discussant; names of suitable discussants may
be proposed by the organiser. Proposals should be received by 31 May
2007; notification will be sent of acceptance or rejection by 1 August
2007. Proposals will be assessed by members of the AIAC Directive Committee in
Rome; those not bearing a clear relationship to the theme of the
conference will not be accepted. The following suggested topics are
intended to be illustrative; proposals need not be limited to them.
Themes which compare aspects of the same topic in different periods or
geographical areas are encouraged.

Proposals for individual papers may be submitted at the same time,
though the Committee will accept proposals for individual papers up to 1
July 2007. Where these proposals are accepted, the Committee will assign papers
either to sessions already accepted, or put together new ones.

In order to secure precirculation and publication, complete texts of all
papers must be received in digital form by 31 July 2008. These will be
made available electronically to all registered participants on the AIAC
website. For further information, please contact AIACCongress2008 AT gmail.com, or
visit www.aiac.org. You will find any specific information concerning the Congress at both
the websites:
http://www.aiac.org/ing/congresso_2008/home.htm (English version)
http://www.aiac.org/ita/congresso_2008/home.htm  (Italian version)