Velleius Paterculus - making history

April 1-3, 2008
School of Ancient History and Archaeology
University of Leicester

Velleius Paterculus’ short history is the earliest surviving attempt on
the part of a post-Augustan historian to survey the history of the res
publica from its origins, within the context of the rise of the
Principate. In a period in which no other contemporary historical
narrative survives in more than meagre fragments, therefore, Velleius’
work is uniquely important. It is a critical counter to the later accounts
of Tacitus, Suetonius and Cassius Dio, not simply because it offers a
different view of Tiberius, but because Velleius saw continuity where
later authors saw only radical change which destroyed the Republic and put
monarchy in its place. Velleius, who lived through this period and
examined it, did not question the continued existence and relevance of the
res publica, but neither did he question the supremacy of the Caesars.

Confirmed speakers include: Catalina Balmaceda (Pontificia Universidad
Católica de Chile), Martin Bloomer (University of Notre Dame), Eleanor
Cowan (University of Leicester), Andy Fear (University of Manchester),
Barbara Levick (University of Oxford), Ruth Morello (University of
Manchester), Luke Pitcher (Durham University), Chris Pelling (University
of Oxford), John Rich (University of Nottingham), Ulrich Schmitzer
(Humboldt-Universität, Berlin), Clemence Schultze (Durham University),
T.P. Wiseman (Exeter University) and Kathryn Welch (University of Sydney).


Titles and abstracts (250 words) are invited for 40 minute papers OR 20
minute papers on any aspect of Velleius’ work, to be sent to Eleanor
Cowan, erc5 AT by 31st May, 2007. Papers offered by postgraduates
are welcome.

We hope to publish papers delivered at the conference with the Classical
Press of Wales.