Augustan Poetry: epic, elegy and metapoetics

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Durham University
Department of Classics & Ancient History/ Ritson Room
38 North Bailey

10.30: Ingo Gildenhard: Welcome and introduction

11.00: Peter Heslin: Hylas descending: Propertius 1.20 as allegory

12.00: Roy Gibson (Manchester): Aristocrats, equestrians, and the ethos of Roman love elegy

Lunch break

14.00: Anne Rogerson (Cambridge): Learning to be a man in Virgil's Aeneid

15.00: Andrew Zissos (University of California/ Irvine): Ovid’s Medea: tragic deviations

Coffee break

16.30: Ingo Gildenhard: Metapoetry and/in Ovid

17.30: Jennifer Ingleheart: Exegi monumentum: death, exile and poetic immortality in Ovid, Tristia 3.3

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