From comes an article that has clearly lost something in translation (I hope that's the explanation):

Bronze peak of a spear, 35 ages old was founded on Sunday at the foothills of the Thracian sacred complex of Perperikon.

The find is 12-13 cm long and it dates from the time of the Trojan War, reported the head of the excavations, Nikolai Ovcharov.

The spear's peak was found by a local citizen, while he was cultivated his land.

The ancient object is an unique one. The archaeologist believes peaks like these used to be placed only on spears that were throwen on enemy troops.

It is quite possible that this peak was a possession of a soldier, participated in the Trojan War.

Omir describes in 'Iliada' that every warrior had two spears, each 2 m long.

The weapon's peak will be devoted to the Historical Museum of Kurdjali town.