Laetus sorte tua vives sapienter.

pron = LAI-toos SOHR-tay TOO-ah WEE-ways sah-pee-EHN-tehr.

May you who are happy by your lot in life, live wisely.

Comment: This little saying holds together two realities very nicely:
the person who knows his/her lot in life and is happy with it (whatever that lot is), and the injunction, in the context of such a life, to live wisely.

The whole thing calls for and identifies a basic balance of things.
It acknowledges that there can be a happiness that works with one's lot in life (as opposed to a happiness that DEPENDS on one's lot in life).
It also acknowledges that even one who is happy in life still has an obligation to live wisely--with insight, reflectivity and listening deeply to the path that one is traveling.

Finally, this little saying begs questions. Am I happy? Am I happy by means of my lot in life? However I answer those questions, am I today intent to live in wisdom by whatever means I perceive wisdom?

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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