Magna est veritas et praevalebit.

pron = MAHG-nah ehst WHER-ih-tahs eht prai-WHAH-lay-biht.

Great is truth and it will prevail.

Comment: I am not by nature a skeptical person, but at these words, my "inner skeptic arises". Truth. What is truth? We don't have time or space to explore this, but I will tell you what I think truth is NOT. Truth is NEVER one thing. Truth is best viewed (remember, this is my view) as polar opposites, and they must be taken together.

Exempli gratia (Latin for, "for example"):

All human beings are created equal.

It's a lovely idea. Unfortunately, the child born into poverty simply won't have the same beginning opportunities to make of his/her life what a child born into affluence will.

Today, I was at my son's soccer game. Another family was there with their toddler. They had taught this 13 month old to stand and kick a smaller soccer ball. I told the father: you are not only helping your son learn to kick a soccer ball, but you are insuring that he will be a strong reader. What do you mean, he asked? We now know that working on fine motor skills with a toddler means that he/she will be an early and strong reader. The same part of the brain that controls fine motor skills is where the child facilitates reading.

Families caught in poverty often don't have time to teach their toddlers fine motor skills because they are so busy working 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet. The child who spends the day in a crib or otherwise unattended by adults and siblings is the child, statistically, who sits in third grade unable to read.

All human beings are created equal. Human beings come into the world unequal in circumstances. Truth? It embodies both statements.

Truth is bi-polar. There is always an opposite statement that goes with the one we think "true".

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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