From Today's Zaman comes a piece which I wish had a bit more detail:

An antique olive oil factory was discovered in the Milas village of Çakıralan in southwestern Turkey.
Staff from Selçuk University initiated archeological digs after a search for coal uncovered tombs with adjacent chambers a short while ago, the Anatolia news agency reported. One of the archeologists working at the site, Tuncay Özdemir, said the first results of the digging had revealed an ancient olive oil factory.
Remarking that the factory is estimated to be at least 2,300 years old, Özdemir said: "To be honest, the discovery stunned us. It functions just like the factories of today. We assume that the olive oil was transferred to ships in amphorae, which then carried them to the markets." Commenting on the ancient tomb discovered during the initial stages of digging, Özdemir said, "Bronze, silver and high quality ceramic pieces' presence in that tomb are a sign that it must've belonged to a very rich person."