Latest from the Sofia Echo:

The number of tourists who visit the Rhodope Mountains village of Gela increased significantly since the village was pronounced to be the birthplace of mythical musician Orpheus.

In March 2005 local authorities put a welcoming sign at the entrance of the village. The sign said Welcome To Orpheus’ Birthplace. Local authorities also started promoting the village in various tourism websites.

Gela was currently included in the project for Perelik tourism complex construction, Bulgarian news agency BTA said. Nearly 12 km of ski tracks, as well as ski-lifts will be constructed near the village.

The construction of an English village near Gela was also planned, BTA said.

According to ancient Greek myths Orpheus was Thracian king and magical musician.

He loved his wife Eurydice so much that gods allowed him to enter the underworld to bring her back from death. The only condition Orpheus had to fulfill was not to look at his wife until they reached earth. Orpheus failed and lost Eurydice forever.