Eripere vitam nemo non homini potest, at nemo mortem.
(Seneca, Phoenissae 152-3)

Pron = eh-RIH-peh-reh WEE-tahm NAY-moh nohn HOH-mih-nee POH-test aht NAY-moh MOR-tehm.

Anyone can take a person's life away, but no one is able to take death away.

Comment: This proverb expresses everything in terms of the negative:
taking things away. It wants us to know that finally, there is a negative beyond which nothing can be retrieved. You can take a life.
You cannot take the taking of a life away.

I think it begs a question: Can we give life? No? Why not? Yes? How?

And, if you think no, then reflect on the "no one" of the proverb.
And if you think yes, reflect on how it is that you give life TODAY.

Bob Patrick

NB: I've made a decision. These emails of the Latin Proverbs of the Day will come to an end on March 15, 2007--the Ides of March. Historically, it is a
day of "endings" (Julius Caesar was killed by his "friends" and political opponents that day). And, I will say that I have a new project in mind, which I will announce on March 21 by email--March 21, also known as Alban Eiler in Celtic lands and traditions. There's a hint.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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