From Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia, Volume 12, Numbers 3-4, 2006, pp. 273-289(17)

Treister, Mikhail Y.u.; Zhuravlev, Denis V., Grave-Goods from a Rich Tomb in Gorgippia(?) Dating from the 2nd Century AD and Now in the Collection of the State Historical Museum (Moscow)

In 1982 The State Historical Museum acquired a set of a gold funeral wreath and three pair of earrings from the KGB. According to the given information the objects originated from the clandestine excavations in Anapa or its vicinities. The complex of jewellery discussed is chronologically close to the burial in the tomb II, excavated in 1975 in Gorgippia, which may be dated not later than the middle-third quarter of the 2nd century AD. The fact that the plaque of the funerary wreath finds parallels only among the medallions from Gorgippia, and was most probably hammered in the same matrix as these objects, gives grounds to discuss the complex of finds as most probably originating from the necropolis of Gorgippia. Having in mind the wealth of the complex, the time and the circumstances of its acquisition, it may be tentatively supposed, that the finds originate from a monumental tomb, excavated in Gorgippia in 1978, which was robbed several years before. Regrettably, we will never find out about any other objects and the complete inventory of this tomb will remain unknown.