Laboribus vendunt dei nobis omnia bona.

Pron = lah-BOH-rih-boos WHEN-doont DAY-ee NOH-bees OHM-nee-ah BOH-nah.

By the struggles of being human, the gods sell us all good things.

Comment: Let's consider our lives for a moment. What is the last significant struggle that you faced? (Significant means--it got your
attention.) What did this struggle have you face in your life? What change did it invite you to (whether you accepted the invitation or not)? How did that struggle make an expansion of your life, of your vision, of your perception of the world possible? Did that struggle in some minor or major way rattle the real you loose from your ego for a moment (or longer)?

These are the gifts of the gods, the good things that the divine in and around and among us has to offer us, and they most often come in the midst of a struggle.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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