Nec piscatorm piscis amare potest.
(Robert Burton, 1577-1640, English writer)

Pron = neck pis-kah-TOH-room PIS-kiss ah-MAH-ray POH-test.

The fish is not able to love the fisherman.

Comment: If I am driving (a little fast), I cannot love the police car with the radar gun out in a hidden bend in the road. If I am a teenager walking down the hall at school, I cannot love the teacher who is standing the hall looking for someone to bust for a clothing violation. If I am a server in a restaurant, I cannot love a haughty customer who is criticizing everything I do.

Point: if you want love from others, you cannot go fishing for them--that is, try to hook, hurt, harm, harass and harrowing them.

You must honor them.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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