6.00 p.m. |HINT| Pompeii: Buried Alive
Exploration of the archaeological site of the city that was
encrusted by incendiary ash when deadly Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79
AD. Archaeological director Baldasarre Conticello takes viewers on a
tour of Pompeii's ruins, and visits Herculaneum, which was destroyed
by Vesuvius at the same time.

Conquest. Lust. Murder. Revenge. And the power of unrivalled
technology. These are the cornerstones in the foundation of the Roman
Empire. For more than 500 years, Rome was the most powerful and
advanced civilization the world had ever known, ruled by visionaries
and tyrants whose accomplishments ranged from awe-inspiring to
deplorable. One characteristic linked them all-ambition-and the
thirst for power that all Roman emperors shared fueled an
unprecedented mastery of engineering and labor. [etc]

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