Department of Classics & Ancient History, University of Durham

Wednesday 17 January, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Dr Katie Fleming (Queen Mary, University of London)
‘The factory in the fields’: Cecil Day Lewis’s translation of Virgil’s

Wednesday 24 January, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Dr Stephen Heyworth (Wadham College, Oxford)
A typical Propertian sequence? 2.29-30

Tuesday 30 January, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Professor Olivier Hekster (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Medium and message: ideology in the Roman empire

Wednesday 7 February, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Professor Barbara Borg (Exeter University)
The impact of Roman occupation on Athens and its concept of identity

Wednesday 14 February: NO seminar in Durham
instead, in Newcastle, organized by the Classical Association, at
Dr Martin Dinter (Exeter University)
Epitaphic gestures in Latin verse

Wednesday 21 February, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Dr Livia Capponi (Newcastle)
Martyrs and apostates: the books of Maccabees and the Jews of Egypt

Wednesday 28 February, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Professor Stephen Halliwell (St Andrews)
Antidotes and incantations: what is the cure for poetry in Plato’s

Thursday 8 March, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Professor Fergus Millar (Oxford University)
The Emperor Julian (CE 361-3) and the Restoration of the Jewish Temple

Wednesday 14 March, 5.30pm [Ritson room]
Dr Vanda Zajko (University of Bristol)
[a joint paper with Dr. Aleka Lianeri (Darwin College, Cambridge)]
Translation and the Classic

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