Department of Classics & Ancient History
University of Manchester

Research Seminar, SECOND SEMESTER, 2006-7

 All seminars take place in Humanities Lime Grove Building, Oxford
Road, Room S1.7 and begin at 5pm.
All welcome. For more information, contact ruth.morello AT

1 February
Jamie Wood (Manchester), "Isidore of Seville and the history of Rome"  

 8 February
A.R. Birley (Emeritus, Duesseldorf) , 'Religion at Vindolanda'  

 15 February
Bella Sandwell (Bristol), 'Libanius and the Strategic Use of Religious

 22 February
Ursula Rothe (Manchester), Clothing and identity in the northwest of
the Roman Empire

1 March
Liz Potter (Bristol), "Ideas and Ideals of Athens in 19th-c. Britain"

 8 March
Julia Shear (Glasgow), 'Polis, Demos, and Revolution: Responding to the
Four Hundred'

 15 March
Henrik Mouritsen (KCL), 'The power of the Roman people revisited'

 22 March
Ibrahim Amin (Manchester), "Spears & Suplexes: Grappling from the
Palaestra to the Battlefield"

19 April
David Fearn (Corpus Christi College, Oxford), 'Dithyramb, Paean, and
Epinician: The Politics and Diversity of Choral Performance on Greek
Islands of the 5th Century BC'.

 26 April
Serafina Cuomo (Imperial), 'A Roman engineer's tales'

 3 May
Esther Eidinow (Manchester), 'Magic on Trial'

10 May
Bill Allan (University College Oxford), 'Tragic politics: some myths
and some answers'

17 May
Emily Gowers (Cambridge), 'Trees and Family Trees in the Aeneid'

24 May
Guy Bradley (Cardiff), 'Romanisation: the end of the peoples of Italy?'

31 May
Tony Woodman (Virginia), 'A Covering Note: Catullus 65'