Leeds Classics Department Research Seminar

Wednesdays at 3pm
Room 101, Parkinson Building
University of Leeds

Meetings of the Classical Association (Leeds and District branch) are also included below, marked ‘CA’. Please note that their times and days of the week vary.

January 23rd (CA - Tuesday at 5 for 5:30)
Vivian Nutton University College London
Healers and Healing in the Roman Empire

January 24th
Malcolm Heath University of Leeds
Aristotle’s Theory on Natural Slavery

January 31st
Sybille Haynes Formerly British Museum
New Light on the Etruscans of Chiusi (with slides / powerpoint)

February 8th (NB on Thursday at 5pm)
Peter Liddel University of Manchester
The decree-cultures of ancient Greece

February 14th
Christy Constantakopoulou Birkbeck College, London
Aegean networks and island identities

February 21st
Roger Brock University of Leeds
Did the Athenian empire promote democracy?

February 28th
Emma Stafford and Regine May University of Leeds
E. Stafford: Fair-ankled Hebe: Youth and the female in the cult of Herakles
R. May: Form and function of poetic quotations in Apuleius

March 6th (CA – Tuesday at 5 for 5:30)
Charlotte Roueché Kings College London
Entertainments in the ancient city

March 7th
Guy Hedreen Williams College, Williamstown Mass.
Iambic caricature and self-representation: an interpretation of internal references among red-figure vase-painters of the Pioneer Group

March 14th
Matthew Nicholls Queen’s College, Oxford
Public libraries in the Roman world (powerpoint)

March 21st
Stefan Tilg University of Bern
Rough talk, charming whispers, and white horses:
Apuleius' "Golden Ass" looking in the mirror

March 28th
Roger Brock and Katie Bell University of Leeds
R. Brock: The end of the Histories revisited, or, does Herodotus warn the Athenians?
K. Bell: Two-way traffic: Viewing the Parthenon Frieze in both directions


April 18th
Verity Platt University of Chicago
Epiphany and Mimesis

April 25th
Filippo Battistoni Scuola Normale in Pisa
Roman use of kinship diplomacy

May 2nd
Rosalind Thomas Balliol College, Oxford
Title TBA

May 3rd (CA – Thursday at 5 for 5:30)
Emma Stafford University of Leeds
A cock to Asklepios: Sacrificial practice and healing cult

May 9th
Stephen Harrison Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Horace and the Victorians

For any further information about the series, please contact Drs. Roger Brock (r.w.brock AT leeds.ac.uk), Regine May (r.may AT leeds.ac.uk) or Penny Goodman (p.j.goodman AT leeds.ac.uk).