The American Society of Papyrologists

Call for Papers for the January 2008 Meeting in Chicago

The American Society of Papyrologists invites proposals for papers
for a panel on “t” for the
2008 APA in Chicago, January 3-6, 2008. Although the scope of
papyrological studies is wide, submissions for this panel must meet
at least one of the following criteria:

(a) they must make use of evidence for ancient cultures and literatures
preserved in papyri, ostraca, or wooden tablets (in Greek, Latin, Coptic,
Demotic, Arabic, or other appropriate languages);

(b) they must investigate aspects of the history, cultures, textual
productions, or material culture of Graeco-Roman Egypt broadly
understood, i.e., from the Hellenistic to the early Arab period.

While submissions from scholars at both junior and senior levels are
welcome, colleagues near the beginning of their academic careers are
especially encouraged to submit proposals. Prospective speakers
must be members in good standing of the APA (American Philological

Please send abstracts to mparca AT by February 5, 2007.
Abstracts should not exceed 600 words (one single-spaced page)
and should not include the author’s name to ensure anonymous

If sent by regular mail, abstracts should be postmarked by February 5,
2007 and addressed to: Maryline Parca, Program Committee ASP, 505
E. Holmes St., Urbana IL 61801.