Cattus amat piscem sed non vult tangere flumen.

pron = KAHT-toos AH-maht PIS-kehm sehd nohn woolt TAHN-geh-reh FLOO-mehn.

The cat loves fish but does not want to touch the river.

Comment: Isn't this the crux of the matter on so many levels (I think it is for me)? It's not, really, that the cat "loves" the fish. The cat loves the taste of fish. The cat does NOT love fishing. Or cooking.

I want the product. Am I willing or able to produce? I want the outcome. Can I endure the process? I want to be in a certain place.
Am I willing and able to make the journey?

You cannot have the one without the other. So, what does a satisfied cat look like? Wet paws, full tummy, and a smile on his face.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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